A Place for Worship, Service and Friendship


Looking for a church to call “home?” Consider Pleasant Grove Christian Community Church, a place of worship, service, and friendship. We are a bible-teaching and preaching house of worship. Our worship experience is centered around our Almighty God whom we worship in spirit and in truth. We are a church of service to the Lord by serving those in need, especially those seeking salvation. We are a house of worship where friendships are cultivated. All who enter this house of God are welcome. If you want to learn more about becoming a member of PGCCC, please fill out the form below:

"Want to join PGCCC but you don’t live in the area, consider becoming a virtual member. Today’s electronic technology has made it possible to “go to church” on your computer, Ipad, or smart phone. Or even listen on a teleconference call. Watching online is the next best thing to being in person. Then when you happen to travel to the area, come and worship with us in person. Just indicate in the above form that you want to join PGCCC as a virtual member.

Seek the Lord’s guidance in prayer.

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