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The organizations within Pleasant Grove are purposed to support the spiritual growth of the congregation and carryout spiritual, administrative, and other functions needed to ensure that the House of God is cared for in a decent and orderly manner that glorifies God.

Below is an overview of the lead organizations that facilitate spiritual growth and participation within the congregation.

Brother to Brother Men’s Fellowship

Strengthens the spiritual bond and fellowship among the men of the church and serves as mentors to the younger men. All male members of Pleasant Grove (regardless of age) are automatically members of the B2B fellowship.

Christian Education Department

The Christian Education Department empowers God’s people to evangelize, disciple, and equip others for serving Christ, His Kingdom, and the local body church. The Education Superintendent oversees the development and design of Bible Study, Sunday School, Children’s Church School, and Vacation Bible School and recruits volunteers to serve as teachers.

Communion Stewards

The Communion Stewards prepare the first Sunday of each month for Holy Communion to be administered and assist with the distribution of the Holy elements during Communion.

Culinary Ministry

The Culinary Ministry provides coordination and preparation of meals for special services and events sponsored by the church.

Deacon Board

The Diaconate participates in all the church services performing those duties the pastor calls upon them to do. Those duties include but are not limited to scriptural readings, offering of prayer, assisting with the collection of tithes and offerings, and Holy Communion (in service and to the sick and shut-in), and visitations to the sick and shut-in.

Fund Raising/Public Relations Committee

This committee utilizes social media (website, Facebook, etc.) to publicize events and services offered by the church and keeps the community aware of the times of our worship services. As needed, they formulate fund raising ideas to support the church in special endeavors (such as the building fund) to involve the community in our kingdom building for Pleasant Grove and surrounding communities.

Music Ministry

The Pleasant Grove Music Ministry provides an atmosphere of spiritual worship to the Lord by engaging the congregation in preparation for the spoken word through songs of worship and praise. The music ministry is supported by a group of dedicated and talented musicians who serve the Lord through their instruments and together with the singers, give a worship experience anointed by God.

Mass Choir

The Mass Choir provides music for 1st, 4th, and 5th Sundays.

Male Chorus

The Male Chorus provides music for the 3rd Sundays.

Renewed Spirits

Renewed Spirits provide music for the 2nd Sundays.

Hands of Glory

The Hands of Glory participate in special occasion services by signing selected music selections through sign language.


The Trustee Board serves as caretakers in the maintenance of the church building, grounds, and the church-owned property.

Usher Board

The Usher Board provides a warm welcome to all who enter through the Pleasant Grove doors. The usher is the first person seen when people enter the church, and therefore set the “tone” of the church body by greeting everyone with a smile and making them feel welcome in the House of God.

Women's Christian Services Council (WCSC) 

The WCSC strengthens the spiritual bond and fellowship among the women of the church and serves as role models to the younger women. All female members of Pleasant Grove (regardless of age) are automatically members of the WCSC. On behalf of the church body, the WCSC frequently takes the lead on community outreach services.

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